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Top Reasons for Outsourcing Corporate Secretarial Services

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Corporate secretarial services contribute to being one of the most important services an organization needs. Corporate secretarial services are required as a specialist team of highly qualified Company Secretaries offers support and advice to clients and also make sure that obligations of clients relating company law compliance services are met timely in a cost-effective manner. Nowadays you can easily find online company formation services, company secretarial services or company law compliance Services through our online platform of CAONWEB.

Outsourcing Corporate Secretarial services were not considered as an equally feasible activity as other functions of business, because organizations always had a fear of sharing their business information with outsiders and believed that it can be managed with the in-house team.

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However, the majority of companies these days prefer outsourcing company secretarial services because of the reasons/ benefits it offers.

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Here are the top reasons for outsourcing corporate secretarial services:

  • Knowledge and Experience: The outsourced team of Company Secretaries has in-depth knowledge and experience in handling all corporate law compliances applicable to a company. Therefore, all the processes are done more easily and efficiently with expert knowledge. They also execute work within the stipulated timeframe and help to reduce the penalties and other monetary loss and enhances the goodwill of an organization.
  • Reliability: Having knowledgeable, well-trained and experienced team of Company Secretaries lets you have expert advice and feedback on how you can improve your business operations. You can rely on them to meet all your requirements without any worry as they will always have a solution to your problems.
  • Accurate and Consistent Handling: There is timely and consistent handling of administrative requirements of an organization when these services are outsourced. It enables an organization to have a team of experts who keep a track of records and save the organization from being charged for non-compliance, late document submission or inaccurate reports.
  • Time-Saving: The Companies Act 2013 prescribes various compliances for Companies and managing the day to day operations of your business along with complying the corporate laws can be difficult for any entrepreneur. Therefore, it is essential to take the help of a professional for company law compliance services so that you can focus on your main business activities. 
  • Cost Effective: Outsourcing company secretarial services save you the cost of hiring and training of in-house team without any compromise on quality. The cost spent on infrastructure, employment taxes and other overhead costs are saved by outsourcing services to third-party. And, the money saved can be used to expand the business.

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In order to help our clients in all the corporate secretarial services, we at CAONWEB provide you option of hiring the best Company Secretaries having expertise in the company formation services, company secretarial services or company law compliance services. 

You can contact professionals through CAONWEB for company secretarial services, company formation services, company law compliance services and other legal & regulatory compliance in India.



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Trademark Registration is way of giving legal protection, unique identification & to differentiate your product in the market from your competitors. This unique identification is given in the form of certain word, logo, symbol, character, numerals or a combination of these.

Trademark registration is a time consuming process and one should take due care before finalising trademark of their product because it will ultimately create the long term memory for the product in market.

There are various qualities which a trademark must possess viz. easy to speak, pronounce & remember, without losing its uniqueness & distinctive character.

Trademark of a product/service helps them in creating its brand value which ultimately makes it unique and adds to the growth of product/service.

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  • Brand Protection: Creating & managing brand of your business is necessity but providing it due protection is something one should also focus at while creating a brand. This can be provided by registering it with Intellectual Property Rights Registrar.
  • Goodwill: It is something which requires continuous hard work, a sense of trustworthiness with a brand, a reputation which a particular brand possesses in the market. This is a quantifiable asset which can be redeemed while it is being sold.
  • Product Differentiation: It is a marketing process of communicating the uniqueness & distinctiveness of a product to potential customers. This can be done easily by Trademark registration. It helps to highlight & differentiate your product in the market.
  • Recognition to product/service: Trademark registration of product provides it due recognition amongst the category; product is falling under.
  • Quality Assurance: While developing the product/service one must give priority for its quality and this can be done if the product has a due certificate for it.
  • Prevent unfair trade practices: once you have registered under trademark registration act, no other company/competitor can use your logo, symbol which you have registered under your name.
  • Legal proceedings: If any person tries to use the trademark of product without the permission of the registered owner, then legal proceedings can be started in the court of law against the individual doing so.
  • Ownership rights: Primary & exclusive right over the trademark lies with the owner itself. It gives owner the right to sue someone who is using its trademark without permission and can stop others from unauthorised access to that trademark.
  • Use of “R” symbol: one can use “R” symbol under your logo when you have registered it under the trademarks registration act. This symbol use it. If anyone try to jump this clause, legal proceeding can be started against states that this logo is registered and no one else has the primary right to the said person.
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